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Thank you for visiting!

We at New Wine Harvest Church are a bible-based book of Acts church. We are a church family.

We believe God called us to preach the good news to those that are searching for a home church to become a part of, and have a desire to have a deeper relationship with God, and get planted and rooted, so that they can grow in Christ Jesus. We, as a church, are thirteen years old.

As Pastor of New Wine Harvest Church I allow God to lead by the Holy Spirit and allow Him to be in charge of what we do. In this way we as a church can receive healing and deliverance from God, and aren’t hindered to receive what we need from him; so this way, as a church, we grow into maturity and be like the Son of God. Jesus desires for us to raise the standard of holiness so our Lord and Savior can return for his bride: the Church.

We invite you to join us for praise and worship Saturdays afternoon at 01:00pm.

Pastor Loretta Talan